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This site may use affiliate links

I don’t write posts – including reviews and tutorials – to generate revenue. Every opinion is my own, driven by my use and experience. That said, some of the links that point to marketplaces and/or plugins that are for sale are what you’d call an “affiliate link.” These links route traffic while also tracking that it’s me sending the vendor the traffic. In return for sending them the traffic, if you buy the plugin, I may make a small amount of money for what you’ve purchased.

Or, I may not use any affiliate links at all.

The truth is

I don’t make a living by using affiliate links. My services in building websites & web apps are my main income. This web / writing is a channel for me reach my audience. If you are not my target audience, I hope I don’t offend you in any ways. Let’s be friends. Perhaps, you could be my customer or strategic business partners. Who knows right?

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